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Stress Reduction Lab℠

How to sign up

Call the Center for Work and Family life at (213) 821-0800 and ask to schedule a Stress Reduction Lab℠ introduction session. We will reserve a time for you when a Professional Staff will be available to guide you through the program.

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Assess Your Stress

Customized Stress Assessments

You work hard, balance numerous responsibilities, and face your share of challenges and adversity. You know all of these bring stress. But how do you get a clear and detailed picture of your life stress and its impact on you?

For USC faculty and staff who want to better understand and manage their stress, the Center for Work and Family Life now offers Customized Stress Assessments. For your Customized Stress Assessment, you will:

  • complete a Stress Profile questionnaire and interview with a Licensed Professional Staff
  • receive comprehensive, individualized feedback about your sources of stress, and how stress impacts you
  • get ratings on your health habits, social support, Type-A behavior, coping style, psychological strengths, and more
  • use feedback to develop a personalized stress and health management program that targets specific areas of need, in collaboration with your CWFL Professional Staff


HeartMath Stress Reduction Lab℠

For faculty and staff looking to lower their stress and improve their overall health and wellness, the Center for Work and Family Life has created a new free service. In this Stress Reduction Lab℠, our staff teach effective techniques to reduce stress, using a type of biofeedback technology. To view a short video description of this program click this link.

How it works

Participants learn a simple technique that combines focus, breathing, and positive emotional states to make heart rhythm patterns more smooth and coherent. Using the programs real-time feedback, participants then make adjustments until they master the technique and can practice it independently.

Heart Congruence

How it helps

According to 15 years of research, high coherence of heart rhythm patterns is associated with:

  • Reduced stress and anxiety Improved sense of calmness
  • Improved alertness and performance at work
  • Improved emotional states
  • Reduced stress hormones, leading to reduced incidence of stress-related health problems, including both mental and physical health conditions

How you can try out this program

First-time participants can sign up for a 30-minute introductory session, during which one of our Professional Staff will provide a demonstration and tutorial to help users get comfortable with the program. Those who want to continue can sign up for additional 15-30 minute self-guided sessions, once or twice a week as desired, until they feel they have mastered the technique. Stress Reduction Lab℠ sessions are considered separate from counseling and do not count against the annual allowance of counseling sessions.