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Fitness Resources

Fitness Contributes to Overall Work-Life Balance


Health and Fitness

Exercise and Fitness

USC Recreational Sports invites faculty and staff to participate in sports, group exercise, competition, and other recreational activities in its facilities on the University Park campus. Faculty and staff are eligible for discounted membership fees along with special membership packages which include membership, locker rentals, and/or fitness classes.

Smoking Cessation

The Center for Work and Family Life (CWFL) is proud to offer a smoking cessation program to benefits eligible faculty and staff that was developed by the National Cancer Institute. This program provides individual counseling support by our licensed professional staff who will be there for you to guide you through the entire process.

Click here to visit our page dedicated to Smoking Cessation


Links to Other USC Health and Wellness Resources

USC Care Health Tips

Emeriti Center
The purpose of the Emeriti Center is to provide services, wellness events, and support for the faculty and staff prior to retirement and throughout the retirement years. The Center is home to the USC Emeriti Center College, which operates a speakers' bureau, offers enrichment classes and research seed grants, and fosters multidisciplinary, multigenerational, and multicultural opportunities for lifelong learning.

The Emeriti Center Retiree Community Newsletter is a valued resource for retired faculty and staff providing news, resources, and educational, cultural, and social events to stay connected with the university.

Faculty and Staff Health Center
The USC Faculty and Staff Health Center is open to usc employees covered by the USC Network plan. It is located in downtown Los Angeles. Faculyt physicians from the division of internal medicine staff the center, including physicans who specialize in women's and men's health.

Occupational Therapy Faculty Practice
At the USC Occupational Therapy Faculty Practice, practitioners lead patients through Lifestyle Redesign®, the transformative process of enhancing health and wellness by preventing or managing chronic health conditions within the contexts of everyday living. The most common services provided at the Faculty Practice address obesity and pain.

Pharmacy Services
At the USC Pharmacy, they strive to provide their patients with the highest quality of patient care services as well as dispensing prescription medications in a timely fashion. In addition to providing traditional pharmacy services such as prescription dispensing and general consultations, pharmacists provide in-depth management through clinics for those with latent tuberculosis infection, for those desiring to quit smoking, and for those preparing for international travel. They also provide numerous preventative care services such as emergency contraception, and cholesterol, diabetes, hypertension, mental health, and osteoporosis screenings. USC Pharmacy is conveniently located in the center of the University Park campus across from Tommy Trojan in the student union building. Hours of operation are Monday through Friday, 9am to 6pm. In support of the Trojan spirit, they are also open a couple of hours prior to home football games, please call the pharmacy at
213 740-2738 for the specific hours.

Smoking Cessation
Are you a smoker who wants to quit? USC pharmacists will help guide tobacco users through the quitting process. They offer in-depth, individualized support sessions that include unlimited one-on-one pharmacist consultations that provide education and a personalized quit plan. They will help to determine the quit date that is right for you as well as select the proper medication for remaining smoke-free. Call today to learn more about our smoking cessation program.

International Travel Medicine
Are you traveling to a foreign country in the near future? If you are, it is likely that you may need to receive a vaccine or other medications that will help prevent against disease while overseas. In addition to disease information and prevention, USC pharmacists will also talk to you about other important travel information including locations of US embassies, phone numbers needed in case of emergencies, and various other resources necessary for safe travel. Make your appointment today by calling 323-442-5882.

Emergency Contraception
This service is offered on a walk-in basis from 10am to 5pm. This is an alternative way to prevent pregnancy for persons who have had recent unprotected intercourse or have had any other recent contraceptive failures. Emergency contraception is most effective when initiated in the first 72 hours but is effective for up to 120 hours after unprotected sex or contraceptive failure.

Cholesterol Screening
High cholesterol is a significant problem in the United States today but unfortunately it is frequently considered a 'silent disease'. This means that people may have high cholesterol and not even realize it, increasing your chance of heart attack and stroke. If you are over the age of 20, you should get your cholesterol checked at least every 5 years. Call USC Pharmacy to schedule an appointment for your cholesterol check today.

Diabetes Screening
Screening Diabetes is becoming all too common in our population today, including people of younger ages. It is a condition in which your body cannot effectively process sugars from the food you ingest. Long term complications of diabetes may include kidney, eye, and other sensory problems in the arms and legs. These conditions are often most troublesome to patients and may eventually lead to other medical problems. Call us today to schedule your blood sugar check at USC Pharmacy.

Hypertension Screening
Hypertension is a very common problem in persons over the age of 50 and is also one of the leading causes of death in the United States. USC pharmacy has a free blood pressure machine which can measure your blood pressure, and then you can ask one of our clinical pharmacists to help you interpret it. If needed, your clinical pharmacist may manually check your blood pressure. Try it today!

The flu commonly occurs in people of all ages; however, it can be more problematic in older individuals. Receiving the flu vaccine can reduce or eliminate symptoms such as fever, chills, and fatigue. The vaccine comes in two forms, an injection and a nasal spray. Ask your pharmacist today which vaccine is right for you! Other vaccines are also available.

Osteoporosis Screening
Osteoporosis is a disease characterized by a progressive loss of bone. As a result, your bones become fragile and brittle which increases your risk for future fractures. At USC Pharmacy, they can help assess your risk for fracture by performing a quick non-invasive bone scan. Please call USC Pharmacy to schedule an appointment.

Mental HealthScreening
Untreated depression and suicide rates have increased significantly over the decades. Mental health screenings are available at USC Pharmacy to help you detect depression and suicidal symptoms. Additionally, our pharmacists are here to help answer your questions regarding both pharmacological and non-pharmacological options to optimize care. Self-rated scales are easy to complete and you may find the results beneficial to you and your loved ones.