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Dealing with a Troubled Employee:
Advanced Techniques for Managing Conduct


About the Trainer

Jeff Harris

Jeffrey Harris, MFT, CEAP, is a Program Manager for the Center for Work & Family Life.
He brings to the course eighteen years of experience as consultant on workplace behavior & employee assistance, and twelve years of management experience.


Course Details


Who Would Benefit from this Course?

This workshop is designed for supervisors, managers, directors, chairs and deans who encounter employee issues such as impairment, bullying, manipulation, or aggression.

Course Overview

We all have stress or conflicts in our lives yet sometimes it becomes so overwhelming it affects our ability to focus or perform our work responsibilities effectively. People are often reluctant to share personal issues with their supervisors or managers even though they are struggling.

It is therefore important for supervisors to be able identify fluctuations in mood or work performance to intervene effectively.

Employees may sometimes be having personal difficulties that are exhibited by a decline in their job performance or a change in their demeanor. They may be struggling with relationship issues, depression, substance abuse, financial issues or something else.

It is important for supervisors to notice any shifts in performance and be able to address it in a supportive, non-threatening way. Establishing ways to help employees improve their work performance during difficult times and getting them connected with appropriate resources are critical to the employee’s success. The best time to intervene is when a change in performance is noticed but not quite a problem.

Confrontation can be difficult because it creates anxiety in us – we may not think it is our place, we are concerned with the reaction, or we have a need to be “liked.” However, by not addressing the particular behavior not only is the job performance suffering but so may employee morale. It is important for supervisors to be clear on their expectations and consistent with the enforcement of policy.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion, class participants will be able to:

  1. Enhance your ability to identify an employee who may be experiencing personal problems.
  2. Identify constructive approaches to confronting performance problems.
  3. Know your responsibilities and limitations as a manager or supervisor.
  4. Learn how to effectively utilize the services available at the Center for Work & Family Life


Typically 90 minutes

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