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How to Offer Constructive Feedback & Recognition


About the Trainer

Jeff Harris

Jeffrey Harris, MFT, CEAP, is a Program Manager for the Center for Work & Family Life.
He brings to the course eighteen years of experience as consultant on workplace behavior & employee assistance, and twelve years of management experience.


Course Details

Who Would Benefit from this Course?

This course is designed for staff and faculty who supervise others, and is an ideal preparation step for delivering an annual performance evaluation with your direct reports.

Course Overview

Providing constructive, strengths-based feedback and recognition is an effective and inexpensive way to motivate and retain people you supervise. Constructive feedback lets people know they matter, paying dividends in enhanced performance as well as the "social health" of a work group.

Since so many accomplishments are achieved with and through others, an organization's social health should not be left to chance. Positively influencing the attitudes and behaviors of others is an essential management skill and key to the success of your work group.

The presentation reviews the function and impact of constructive feedback, how to prepare to offer feedback, as well as exploring free or inexpensive forms of recognition.

Learning Objectives

  1. Why Constructive Feedback is Valuable to Our Team
  2. Essential Characteristics for Giving Feedback
  3. Steps for Giving Feedback Effectively
  4. How to Handle Received Feedback
  5. Recognize barriers that prevent positive feedback
  6. Create and sustain a pattern of recognition


Typically 90 minutes

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