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Supporting Each Other in Times of Crisis:
Providing Psychological First Aid


About the Trainer

Jeff Harris

Jeffrey Harris, MFT, CEAP, is a Program Manager for the Center for Work & Family Life.
Jeff was the founder of the American Red Cross' first Crisis Intervention Team in California, and co-wrote the training manual in use nationwide by current mental health volunteers in the Red Cross. Further, he has taught crisis intervention courses at two local universities.


Course Details

Who Would Benefit from this Course?

This workshop is designed for all employees who want to enhance their natural people helping skills for providing emotional/psychological support to coworkers who are coping with a crisis or disaster.

Course Overview

When a disaster strikes, those around us – our family, friends, neighbors and coworkers – are often the first ones to offer help. The help we give and get from each other makes it easier to "bounce back" after a disaster and helps our community recover.

Researchers studying the impact of disasters have found that disaster-related psychological wounds impact up to 75% of those directly exposed to the trauma, even when no physical injury has occurred.

Just as people learn first aid and CPR to help during medical emergencies, knowing how to provide "psychological first aid" is an important thing you can do for your coworkers' well-being after a disaster.

This workshop will review lessons learned from past disasters, discuss common reactions to disasters, and teach a simple-but-effective 3 step model for providing psychological first aid.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion, class participants will be able to:

  1. Understand the psychological impact that disasters have upon people
  2. Describe the common reactions to a disaster
  3. Recognize the 15 risk factors that suggest your coworker might need more robust support
  4. Describe the three step model for providing psychological first aid
  5. Describe how to refer an impacted coworker to the USC Disaster Mental Health Response Team


Typically 60 minutes

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Noon to 1:00 p.m.
[feel free to bring your lunch]
Norris Cancer Center
Ezralow Lobby Room 1315
  click here to register,
or call 213-821-0800




class cancelled due to low enrollment