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Leading High Performance Teams:
Creating Loyalty and Retention through Employee Engagement


About the Trainer

Jeff Harris

Jeffrey Harris, MFT, CEAP, is a Program Manager for the Center for Work & Family Life.
He brings to the course eighteen years of experience as consultant on workplace behavior & employee assistance, and twelve years of management experience.


Course Details

Who Would Benefit from this Course?

This workshop is designed for supervisors, managers, directors, chairs and deans who want to build employee loyalty and retention.

Course Overview

Employees who are highly committed to the work of your team will create more innovation, go the extra mile to contribute to the team’s success, and are less likely to leave. This occurs when highly committed employees offer their “discretionary effort,” described as voluntary effort given beyond the expectations of the job description.

Managers can create an environment that promotes discretionary effort and talent retention by adopting an approach called employee engagement.

This course will review the benefits of employee engagement efforts, and describe the manager characteristics that promote discretionary effort and employee retention.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion, class participants will be able to:

  1. Define the business case for employee engagement
  2. Identify employee actions associated with discretionary effort
  3. List the manager characteristics that produce high impact on employee engagement
  4. Describe the manager actions that build trust daily


Typically 60 minutes

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Noon to 1:00 p.m. Keck Hospital, Troy Room on 3rd floor
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