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Professional Coaching from CWFL

Is Executive Coaching
Right For You?

Coaching is a consulting approach to help leaders at USC reach and sustain their highest levels of performance.

This page describes who is eligible for the service, what coaching entails, and features that make it different than counseling.

Can't decide if coaching is right for you? Contact CWFL to speak with one of our coaches, who can assist you in clarifying your goals and guiding you to the service that's right for you.

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What is Coaching?

Coaching is a form of consultation for USC leaders, including:

  • executives and administrators at a director level and above
  • department chairs and deans
  • faculty members
  • physicians
  • lab directors and principal investigators

It is also a great resource for individual contributors in high-performance positions, including our USC faculty-physicians.

Coaching is strengths-based, and focuses upon skill-building through:

  • case examples
  • assigned reading
  • exercises and
  • role-play

Coaching is forward-looking, assumes a positive view of the future, and is intended to help you succeed.

Coaching is solution-focused, bringing successes from the past into the service of present goals.

Coaching creates movement and change, which are supported through goal-setting and accountability check-ins.

Coaching is a mixture of face-to-face consultations and telephonic check-ins. Video-conferencing may be an option for coaching.

All coaching contacts are presumed to be made available on paid work time and during your normal work shift, unless specified otherwise. You will schedule your Coaching contacts in such a way as to prioritize the requirements of your regular work and needs of your staff.

Coaching is offered to you by CWFL, as an investment towards your success.


Important Facts About Coaching

Coaching is not therapy, and does not use counseling techniques

While the Center for Work & Family Life does offer personal counseling to staff and faculty, up to ten sessions per year, your Coaching consultations do not deplete that bank of available sessions. You may participate separately in personal counseling with CWFL at any time, and on any matter of importance to you, but usually with a different CWFL professional staff member than your Coach.

Coaching does not generate a diagnosis, nor presume a disorder is present.

Next Step

Please contact the USC Center for Work & Family Life to schedule your first Coaching session. Please allow two hours for the initial consultation, for the purposes of orientation and goal-setting. Additional consultations will be an hour in length, and telephonic check-ins will typically be 15 minutes or less.