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CWFL Program Overview

30 Years of Service

Serving USC Faculty & Staff
since 1980

CWFL Mission

The mission of the Center for Work & Family Life is...

CWFL Services

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Here is a brief and informative video about our services, an interview with CWFL Executive Director John Gaspari, LCSW.


Provost's Family-Friendly Initiative

In December 2005, then-Provost C.L. Max Nikias created a Family-Friendly Initiative, which reads in part:

"To further improve the quality of life of USC faculty and to promote health and wellness, I am establishing a Center for Work and Family Life based on the existing Staff/Faculty Counseling and Consultation Center. A committee chaired by Donna Elliott has been asked to advise the Center."

"The committee will also explore ways to enhance current child care benefits and services, working with Senior Vice President, Todd Dickey and his staff on a needs and feasibility analysis to explore expansion of those benefits and services."

"As part of the family-friendly initiative,

  • To assist on problems of work/family life balance, I will establish a fund to provide temporary support of lab technicians or graduate assistants.
  • For faculty concerned with caring for elderly relatives, referrals will be provided of sources for advice on obtaining adequate care.
  • I will also ask the Academic Senate to endorse changes in the Faculty Handbook concerning automatic extension of the tenure deadline, availability of a two-year extension, and eligibility for teaching relief and a part-time option."
view the entire Provost memo here

Advisory Committee on Work and Family Life

An Advisory Committee on Work and Family Life was established by Provost Max Nikias in December 2005 as part of his family-friendly initiative to further improve the quality of life for faculty and staff and to promote health and wellness at USC. Comprised of Provost appointed faculty and staff members, the Committee's primary objectives are to:

  • Identify and evaluate the family and work related needs and concerns of faculty and staff at USC
  • Explore ways to enhance current and future child care benefits and services
  • Make recommendations for improvement to the University's policies, practices and programs to senior leadership
  • Publicly support the efforts of the Center for Work and Family Life to improve the overall family-friendly environment at USC.


Confidentiality is our foremost concern. All information regarding your use of our services is kept strictly confidential, with the rare exception when disclosure is required by law.

The Center goes to great lengths to maintain your right to privacy. No information on your use of the Center is ever placed in university or departmental files.

Utilization of our services will in no way jeopardize your job security or opportunities for promotion.

The Center's records are maintained as part of appropriate clinical practice and for internal statistical purposes only.

Eligibility for Services


The Center for Work and Family Life (CWFL) offers confidential, short-term counseling and consultation to USC faculty, staff, and their dependent family members. Our licensed mental health professionals are experienced in helping individuals, couples and families address a wide range of personal and work-related difficulties. Together, we identify practical solutions and develop a plan to help you achieve your personal, family and career goals.

We are a benefit of your employment at USC and offer brief, solution-focused services to promote greater self-awareness and improved problem-solving ability. We are available to assist with the following concerns:

  • emotional distress: anxiety, depression, grief/loss, anger, individual and group counseling
  • on-the-job issues: dealing with co-workers, career assessment, problem solving and referrals
  • stress: assessment, plan development and follow-up
  • marital and family difficulties: communication, parenting, conflict resolution, individual, couple and family counseling
  • crisis intervention: domestic violence, trauma, critical incidents, other serious life events, individual and group counseling
  • alcohol and drug misuse/abuse: assessment, education, case management, and referral services
  • workplace health and wellness: assessment, plan development and follow-up
  • basic financial management: assessment, problem solving and referrals

The services we provide are a benefit of your employment at USC and are offered free of charge. Faculty, staff and their dependent family members may be seen for as many as ten sessions in a 12 month period. For issues requiring more open-ended counseling or for specialty services, CWFL counselors will provide you with referrals to mental health professionals in your health plan or community based resources. All information regarding your use of these services is kept strictly confidential.

Services for displaced employees are availabe for 90 days after separation. Services include confidential counseling with a licensed workplace behavioral health practitioner to help overcome the grief and loss associated with this challenging experience, in addition to:

  • Assistance with problem solving, goal creation, and action planning
  • Help with organizing and implementing a job search
  • Interview preparation and practice
  • Construction of simple household budgets
  • Support for dependent family members who may be affected by this situation
  • Referral to community resources

Offices are located on both the University Park and Health Sciences Campuses (click here for maps & directions). Services are available at other USC locations by prior arrangement. Office hours are 8:30 am to 5 pm.

Spanish-speaking counselors are available.

For more information, please contact the Center for Work and Family Life at (213)-821-0800.